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EBL provides ebooks to academic and research, government and corporate libraries

EBL is a radically innovative ebook library service whose features set it apart from its peers. It has hundreds of library customers around the globe, including some of the world's most prestigious academic and research institutions.

Key Features and Benefits

  • An ebook lending service that integrates seamlessly with your collection management and catalogue systems
  • EBL has a unique pay-per-view feature
  • eBooks can be downloaded and read offline on a laptop or eBook reading device
  • EBL provides a cross-platform, multiple-devices, online-or-offline eBook system for academic and research libraries

Non-Linear Lending

One stand-out feature of EBL is its signature lending system called Non-Linear™ lending. NLL enables you to buy one copy of an ebook and lend it simultaneously to multiple patrons - potentially hundreds of users - all for the price of one book. All EBL titles enable multiple-concurrent access - there are no single user restrictions on any of our titles.

Demand-Driven Acquisition

EBL has pioneered a range of Demand-driven Acquisition options, designed to meet the needs of libraries and patrons alike. Harnessing the immediacy of the digital medium, EBL's Demand-driven Acquisition provides cost-effective access to titles when they are needed, as they are needed - taking the guess-work out of selection and removing barriers to access. Using EBL's Demand-driven Acquisition tools, you can catalog and display thousands of ebooks that you haven't bought. Patrons are provided with a free preview of the full-text and then either allowed further access to the title either on an automated or request basis. Libraries can choose to automatically purchase those ebook titles after a specified number of uses, or pattern of demand has been established. As a stand-alone acquisition tool or side-by-side with EBL's upfront title-by-title selection option, EBL's Demand-driven Acquisition is being adopted by a growing number of academic, corporate and research libraries worldwide.

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ebrary provides ebooks to academic and research, government and corporate libraries

ebrary is committed to developing innovative technologies and services to address the needs of researchers and librarians.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Works on multiple devices - on and offline
  • Contextual linking across multiple online resources with InfoTools
  • Unique ability to upload and integrate a library's own digital content with DASH! (Data Sharing, Fast) and Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Shareable bookshelves that automatically store links
  • Notes and highlights
  • Multiple options for searching and navigating
  • Automatic citations when text is printed or copied and pasted into Word or any text applications. Citations include an automatic URL hyperlink back to the source
  • Ability to transform text into a hyperlink to a URL of the end-user's choice
  • Text-to-speech and other keyboard shortcuts to assist end-users with special accessibility needs
  • Free on-demand MARC records
  • COUNTER-compliant usage statics

Pick and Choose Perpetual Archive Model

With this model, libraries may purchase individual titles (including many frontlist) or discounted Starter Packs of essential titles that may be archived in perpetuity.

ebrary offers both single and multi-user access, and we never require checkouts. If single-user access titles are in use, patrons are placed into a queue and notified the instant they become available.

Purchased titles can be delivered instantly, at any time, to existing ebrary customers. Short-term loans are available prior to purchase.

An ideal use of a one-time budget, many libraries hand select and purchase individual perpetual archive titles and seamlessly integrate them with an affordable subscription product such as Academic Complete. This approach allows libraries to provide patrons with breadth and depth of content, while optimizing their eBook budgets and avoiding hosting fees.

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