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Wageningen Academic Publishers

About the Publisher

Wageningen Academic Publishers is an independent publishing company in the field of Life Sciences publishing scientific journals, monographs, textbooks, and proceedings. Through its strong affiliation with the prestigious Agricultural University of Wageningen in the Netherlands and allied academic and research institutes worldwide, Wageningen publications contain cutting edge research on the following topics: animal and veterinary science, food science, social science, environmental science and plant science.

Wageningen - eBooks

Product Information

Wageningen eBooks are hosted on the MetaPress platform and are available for outright purchase providing perpetual access to multiple users. The eBooks are available as a full package or as individual subject collections including Animal and Veterinary Science, Environmental and Plant Science, Food Science, and Social Science.

  • A complete backlist of available ebooks, which can be filtered by subject collection, can be found here.
  • A title list for the 2014 and 2015 ebooks is available here.

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Wageningen - eJournals

Product Information

Wageningen publishes the following journals:

Quality Assurance and Safety of Crops & Foods is an international peer-reviewed journal publishing scientific primary research papers and review papers in the areas of foods, crops, cereals, grains, food safety and quality, food security and food technology.

Beneficial Microbes is a peer-reviewed scientific journal with a specific area of focus: the promotion of the science of microbes beneficial to the health and wellbeing of man and animal.

World Mycotoxin Journal is a peer-reviewed scientific journal with only one specific area of focus: the promotion of the science of mycotoxins.

Comparative Exercise Physiology is the only international peer-reviewed scientific journal specifically dealing with the latest research in exercise physiology across all animal species, including humans. The major objective of the journal is to use this comparative approach to better understand the physiological, nutritional, and biochemical parameters that determine levels of performance and athletic achievement.

Journal on Chain and Network Science is a peer-reviewed scientific research journal, which aims to promote theory and practice in the field of innovation in business chains and networks. The journal takes a multidisciplinary approach, covering engineering, science and management disciplines.

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Access Conditions

All Wageningen Academic Publishers content is hosted on Content is provided as PDFs with no DRM restrictions. Access is gained via any compatible browser and PDF reader, and does not require any installation of software.

eBooks: Perpetual access is granted to an unlimited number of simultaneous users. There are no annual access fees or ongoing maintenance fees.

eJournals: Access is subject to annual subscription. Access is granted to the content from the year of subscription and includes access to all archival content. Subscribers acquire perpetual access to content from the year of subscription only.


Access is gained by IP authentication via the MetaPress platform.

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