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About the Publisher

Thieme is an independent and family owned medical and science publisher serving health professionals and students for more than 125 years. Thieme promotes the latest advancements in clinical practice, publishes the latest research findings and advocates medical education. Thieme offers a wide range of health-science content focusing on neurosurgery, otolaryngology, orthopedic surgery, ophthalmology, radiology, complementary and alternative medicine, audiology and speech and language pathology. In addition to publishing 70 new book titles every year, Thieme publishes more than 130 medical and scientific journals as well as interactive teaching aids.

Thieme - eBooks

Product Information

Thieme eBook Library


The Thieme eBook Library (TEBL) is a complete online textbook collection (65 titles) for students enrolled in medical studies including health, nursing, and basic sciences of interdisciplinary interest. The eBooks are offered on a yearly site subscription license with a print archive option after the 3rd year of subscription. The license allows unlimited simultaneous user access from the Thieme platform or students can download books or the entire Library to their PC to read and study offline. Individual user accounts allows students and teachers to organise books and content relevant to their study area.

Thieme Clinical Collection


Thieme Clinical Collection (TCC) is a must-have eBook collection of major clinical monographs. It contains an extensive assortment of 357 eBooks carefully selected to provide students, researchers, and clinicians with thorough coverage of all major medical fields including neurosurgery, otolaryngology, anatomy, radiology, plastic surgery and orthopedic surgery. The books are accessible via MyiLibrary platform The TCC is available as a one-time purchase granting perpetual access. There are no additional costs such as access or maintenance fees.

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Thieme - eJournals

Product Information

Thieme Medical Package


The Thieme Medical Package contains 34 essential research and review journals with focus on clinical sciences specially designed for the research and information needs of physicians, academics, scientists, and researchers.

Thieme Seminars


Thieme Seminars are medical review journals in a unique single-topic format that combines important new clinical information with relevant basic science background. They are designed for research and information needs of practicing clinicians, residents, researchers and medical students.

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Thieme - eDatabases

Product Information

Thieme Teaching Assistants


Thieme Teaching Assistants (TTA) provide access to high quality, full colour illustrations, charts and highresolution clinical images for Anatomy, Physiology and Pharmacology. The illustrations are available from the platform on a yearly subscription license with unlimited user access. Images can be downloaded and imported for use in presentations, course materials, and handouts and contain English and Latin nomenclature. The platform allows users to search for specific images and zoom in with an amazing level of clarity.

The Thieme Teaching Assistants are available in 4 subject areas:

  • Thieme Teaching Assistant Anatomy
    • Features all 2000+ illustrations and clinical images from Gilroy's Atlas of Anatomy
    • Additional illustrations and clinical images are included from Head and Neck Anatomy for Dental Medicine
  • Thieme Teaching Assistant Physiology
    • Features all 800+ images from Fundamentals of Medical Physiology - a concise, in-depth introduction to the principles of body function by organ system
    • Additional 200 images from Physiology: An Illustrated Review
  • Thieme Teaching Assistant Pharmacology
    • Features all 200+ images from Pharmacology: An Illustrated Review
  • Thieme Teaching Assistant Biochemistry
    • Features all 400 images from Biochemistry: An Illustrated Review PRO


The PRO is a web-based study and self-test tool for Anatomy students that provides access to 1800+ illustrations of from Gilroy's Atlas of Anatomy. In addition it includes nearly 100 neurovascular images. It provides a platform where students can test their knowledge on all illustrations, locate specific images using the search function, study Images using the zoom function, take a test while being timed and compare scores with others.

Thieme Clinical Suites

  • Thieme eNeurosurgery
    Thieme eNeurosurgery is the world's most comprehensive neurosurgical resource online. The online portal will provide access to Thieme's complete neurosurgery program including:
    • Books (30,000 pages; new content added on an on-going basis)
    • 200+ surgical procedures with step-by-step descriptions and superb illustrations
    • Images (30,000; new content added on an on-going basis)
    • Journal abstracts
    The functionality of eNeurosurgery also includes search capability across Thieme's neurosurgical journals and across PubMed. While the search is being conducted across the full text of these journals, findings are available on an abstract level. All images from Thieme's neurosurgical journals are included in the Media section of eNeurosurgery.
  • Thieme eSpine
    Thieme eSpine is a unique online resource that gives spine care professionals unprecedented access to Thieme's entire spine collection. The platform includes:
    • more than 250 surgical procedures, with illustrated steps and detailed techniques
    • e-books containing more than 18,000 pages of spine content
    • over 19,000 images, freely downloadable
    • integrated search across Thieme's renowned spine journals
    Users can search for procedures they want to brush up on, confirm references for their writing, and find high-quality images for presentations. Thieme eSpine is the go-to reference for spine care content and changes how clinical information is obtained - making it easier, faster, and more efficient than ever before.
    All content included in eSpine is also part of the eNeurosurgery platform.
  • Thieme Medlantis and eRadiology
    This revolutionary new product gives users access to Thieme's entire radiology collection along with videos of classroom lectures on key topics in radiology, creating an exceptionally rich online experience.
    Main Features:
    • Medlantis provides 200 video lectures covering all aspects of a typical residency curriculum in radiology. In addition, Thieme content is integrated within Medlantis to provide further reference/background information for specific topics.
    • For customers who have purchased site-wide access to this joint product, there is a link to Thieme eRadiology giving them access to all Thieme radiology content.
    • Thieme eRadiology has been built as a fully functional platform with over 45,600 pages of Thieme's radiology e-books, 93,000 images, access to 2,300 cases of the RadCases site as well as access to Thieme's radiology journals: Seminars in Musculoskeletal Radiology and Seminars in Interventional Radiology.
    • There is a two year embargo period for journals.
  • Thieme eOtolaryngology
    eOtolaryngology is the premier online resource for otolaryngology - head and neck surgery providing users with unprecedented access to Thieme's entire otolaryngology collection. The site debuts with:
    • over 21,500 pages of book content
    • 34,500 images
    • 60 step-by-step procedures
    • 80 cases
    • 400 procedural technique videos
    • an integrated search across Thieme's journal offering
    Thieme's latest clinical platform is designed to cater to a broad range of medical professionals: residents, who can quickly brush up on core techniques, or use the provided cases for board exam preparation; clinicians and lecturers, who can easily perform research or download high-quality images for presentations, and patient consultations; and surgeons, who will find the procedures and videos to be a critical part of surgical preparation.

Thieme Science of Synthesis (SoS)


This expert-evaluated electronic full-text resource covers the whole field fo synthetic organic chemistry and provides the best transformations and experimental procedures within seconds. It provides a manageable hitlist of reliable methods which can be used in the lab immediately. It's unique content navigator also allows you to browse the chemical context of each transformation which makes Science of Synthesis both a creativity tool and chemical guide.

Thieme Pharmaceutical Substances (PS)


Pharmaceutical Substances is a one-stop source of information relating to the industrial synthesis and commercial applications of every licensed drug of significance. It provides a compendium of some 2500 active pharmaceutical ingredients (API's) of interest to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Pharmaceutical Substances is an invaluable resource for anybody involved in the design, discovery, development, and evaluation of drugs.

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Access Conditions

All Thieme content is hosted on link to publisher platform. Content is provided as PDFs with no DRM restrictions. Access is gained via any compatible browser and PDF reader, and does not require any installation of software.

eBooks: Perpetual access is granted to an unlimited number of simultaneous users. There are no annual access fees or ongoing maintenance fees.

eJournals: Access is subject to annual subscription. Access is granted to the content from the year of subscription, plus all content from the "previous 12 years". Subscribers acquire perpetual access to content from the year of subscription only.

eJournal Archives: Perpetual access is granted to an unlimited number of simultaneous users.

eDatabases: Databases are available for outright purchase or as an annual subscription.

Outright purchase: Perpetual access is granted to an unlimited number of simultaneous users. An annual update fee may be applicable where new content is released in subsequent years.


Annual rental fee: Access is granted for 12 months only. For some databases, perpetual access may be granted after 6 or 10 consecutive rental years, as shown in the information under each database.


Access is gained by IP authentication. Access is also supported through Athens.

Usage Statistics

This product is COUNTER compliant.

Usage statistics can be generated by the library. Usage statistics are also readily available on request to CoInfo.

Discovery and Linking

MARC records are available from the publisher at no cost.

Content is discoverable on Serials Solutions Summon, SciFinder, Ex Libris Primo, EBSCO Discovery Service and OCLC WorldCat.

Licence Agreement

A sample licence agreement, customisable for each institution, is available upon request.

Trials / Orders

A free 30-day trial is available. Please contact us to set up a trial or confirm your order.

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