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About the Publisher

Amirsys, Inc. is a leading provider of innovative healthcare information solutions. They deliver medical expertise with powerful technology to provide life-saving, vital information to health care professionals.

Amirsys - eDatabases

Product Information

STATdx is the ultimate, online point-of-care diagnostic decision support system for working and studying radiologists. STATdx increases speed, accuracy and diagnostic confidence in diagnosing complex imaging cases. Its online format ensures that users can have access to on-demand, trustworthy and comprehensive radiology information anytime, anywhere - in the hospital, in the imaging center, or at home.

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RADPrimer is a web-based learning environment for radiology trainees, radiologists, radiology academic programs and institutions. Individuals can sharpen diagnostic skills and increase knowledge through self-assessments and expand confidence through instantaneous feedback. Programs and institutions can track trainee learning and progress through assigning quizzes, documentation and reporting capabilities.

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AnatomyOne is an online, single-source solution for mastering and teaching anatomy. This comprehensive, integrated anatomy resource includes text, a variety of image types, a dissection guide, and assessment tools designed to help medical students master anatomy. AnatomyOne's customizable teaching tools provide faculty maximum flexibility to create and enhance the student learning experience.

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ImmunoQuery is the definitive expert and evidence-based decision support system for immunohistochemistry. ImmunoQuery provides powerful meta-analysis of up-to-date references from leading pathology journals, plus selected images of salient histologic features, tissue controls, antibody stains, and diagnostic pitfalls.

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Access Conditions

All Amirsys content is hosted on Content is provided as PDFs with no DRM restrictions. Access is gained via any compatible browser and PDF reader, and does not require any installation of software.

eDatabases: Databases are available for outright purchase or as an annual subscription.

Outright purchase: Perpetual access is granted to an unlimited number of simultaneous users. An annual update fee may be applicable where new content is released in subsequent years.


Annual rental fee: Access is granted for 12 months only. For some databases, perpetual access may be granted after 6 or 10 consecutive rental years, as shown in the information under each database.


Access is gained by username and password.

Usage Statistics

This product is COUNTER compliant.

Usage statistics can be generated by the library. Usage statistics are also readily available on request to CoInfo.

Discovery and Linking

MARC records are available from the publisher at no cost.

Licence Agreement

A sample licence agreement, customisable for each institution, is available upon request.

Trials / Orders

A free trial is available. Please contact us to set up a trial or confirm your order.

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