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Academic Rights Press is a UK publishing house that is actively engaged in licensing information from the world's leading publishers for distribution to the academic library market on a bespoke platform. In 2014 it launched Entertainment Industry Data, which encompasses Music Industry Data (formerly Academic Charts Online) and Film Industry Data.

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Product Information

Entertainment Industry Data

Entertainment Industry Data

Film Industry Data and Music Industry Data make a powerful new research tool in humanities studies. For the first time, academics can examine and compare film and music industry facts and figures alongside each other. Using unique Relative Pitch Graphs™ users can even superimpose music industry data onto a film industry graph. This can reveal surprising and significant connections.

  • Entertainment Industry Data INSIGHTS will let you tell a new story
  • Entertainment Industry Data CAPABILITY will inspire new research and new courses
  • Entertainment Industry Data CONTEXTS will reveal amazing connections
  • Entertainment Industry Data INFORMATION will add meaning and rigor to research

Music Industry Data

Music Industry Data

Music Industry Data is a proven way of gathering information about music trends and the impact of music across countries and cultures. It takes all the academic resources and data available and turns it into knowledge, in the simplest and quickest way possible.

Music Industry Data is a growing repository of historical and current data from Billboard, Official Chart Company, GfK Entertainment, ARIA and over 30 countries around the world.

Video tours, research demonstrations and research insights are available to view online here.

Film Industry Data

Film Industry Data

Film Industry Data gives academic researchers unique and valuable information previously only available to film industry executives. Find out how some genres did better than others, what types of film were the biggest box office hits and what new releases can tell us about culture, politics and society.

  • Analyse the market with the same data movie executives use
  • Actual unit sales figures and Box Office usually only available to industry executives
  • See the film industry in wide screen for the first time, covering all genres of film
  • Compare and contrast the outcome for films across time and place
  • Understand film results including unit sales and box office data

Students now have the opportunity to be in the driver seat and use the same data that studio executives use to make key decisions about title releases.

Video tours, research demonstrations and research insights are available to view online here.

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Any exportable files are in PNG or Excel format with no DRM restrictions.

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This product is COUNTER compliant.

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The publisher is currently discussing indexing options with several discovery service providers.

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A sample licence agreement, customisable for each institution, is available upon request.

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