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Computing, Control, Information and Education Engineering: Proceedings of the 2015 Second International Conference on Computer, Intelligent and Education Technology (CICET 2015), April 11-12, 2015, Guilin, P.R. China
Author/Editor:    Liu , Yao, Wenli. Liu, Hsiang-Chuan. Sung, Wen-Pei.
Publisher:    Taylor & Francis Ltd
Pubn Place:    UK
Binding:    hbk.
Physical Media:    book (2 vols)
Pages:    1040
Availability:    Already Published.
Pubn Year:    Aug 2015
LCC:    QA75.5
Price:    AUD 678.18 (ex. GST)
ISBN:   9781138028005
ISBN10:   1138028002
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Description: This proceedings set contains selected Computer, Information and EducationTechnology related papers from the 2015 International Conference on Computer,Intelligent Computing and Education Technology (CICET 2015), to be held April11-12, 2015 in Guilin, P.R. China. The proceedings aims to provide a platformfor researchers, engineers and academics as well as industry professionals fromall over the world to present their research results and development activitiesin Computer Science, Information Technology and Education Technology.

Contents: Computer Science and Intelligent ComputingTexture image-based 3D entity modeling methodZ.Q. Zhao & J.X. HaoDesign and implementation of web-based research supervisors informationmanagement system for postgraduates’ educationP. Cheng, X.P. Hao & C. XiaoThe query optimization algorithm based on distributed heterogeneous databaseP. Wang & H.Y. LiDesign and implementation of mobile learning system based on cloud computingG.X. Wang & F.T. JiangAnalysis on factors influencing the mental health of rural left-behindwomen—based on a survey conducted in GT village, Zhaoling district, Luohecity, a central subregion of Henan province, ChinaX.H. HuExploration on enlightenment and significance of stratum differentiation insocial management—based on investigation on social stratum differentiation inrural areas of ChinaX.H. HuEvaluation method for e-commerce transaction credit based on cloud modelX.K. Liang, L.M. Tao & T. CuiThe design and implementation of intelligent home control systemH.M. Zhu & H.W. YangDesign and analyze a worktable motion control systemW. YanApplication of Newton interpolation in static nonlinear correction for mafsensorY.Y. Zhang, Y.L. Wu & Y.H. XuImproved method for the recovery of regular broken paperY.J. GongThe design of intelligent hydraulic vulcanizing machine control systemJ.M. Sa, A.C. Sun, S.Y. Wu & Y.J. GuDriving habits analysis on vehicle data using error back-propagation neuralnetwork algorithmW.J. Zhang, S.X. Yu, Y.F. Peng, Z.J. Cheng & C. WangUse of cloud computing for distributed simulation: A way forwardX.H. Fan, Z. Fan, Q. Xuan & M.X. LiResearch of the color descriptor siftY.R. Wang, T.B. Zhang, G.L. Li, C.X. Dong & H.W. ZhaoAnalysis of computer-aided design of the detector appearanceX.T. YuDesign of Ip core of dpsk modulator with variable bit rate and carrier frequencybased on fpgaX. ZhengDesign and implementation of remote control-based autonomous collision avoidancesystem prototypeY. Zhang, X.Y. Zhao, K.J. Zhang, J.W. Li & Z.Z. YangModeling and analysis of uphill climbing for the electromagnetic-drivenspherical robotS.J. SangStarting performance simulation system of the three-phase synchronous andasynchronous motors based on MatlabJ.M. Sa, X.S. Sun, J.L. Zhou & Y.J. GuThe application of online examination system of medical science in hospitalsS.L. HuBuilding image classification methodology using Gaussian kernel combined withNonparametric kernelL.N. MaResearch on Human Computer Interaction (hci) and UI pattern design for mobiledevices: A reviewX.X. BaiResearch on the image measurement method of cycloidal gear pitch deviation basedon OpenCVC. He, Z.F. Huang & L.L. ChengResearch on college major construction of automobile engineering in highengineering education with computer technology educationY.D. TianExploration for construction technology of bridge pier columnS.P. Huang &

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