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Family business.
Author/Editor:    Melin, Leif. Sharma, Pramodita. , Melin, Leif. Sharma, Pramodita.
Publisher:    Sage Publications Ltd UK
Pubn Place:    UK
Binding:    hbk.
Physical Media:    book (4 vols)
Pages:    1752
Availability:    Already Published.
Pubn Year:    Nov 2014
LCC:    HG4028.F3
DDC:    658.15
Price:    AUD 1,100.91 (ex. GST)
ISBN:   9781446207819
ISBN10:   1446207811
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Description: This new major work answers the growing global need for a resource that capturesand presents a comprehensive overview of the literature in the field of familybusiness. The last three decades have witnessed a dramatic increase in researchon family businesses, as institutions have increasingly recognized that familybusinesses represent the most common form of business organization and a largepart of the GDP in most countries. Scholars in the field have started to addresscritical questions such as: and middot; Why do family firms deserve specialresearch attention? and middot; Are family firms really different from otherbusiness organizations? If so, how? And, so what? and middot; Is there a shareddefinition of family firms? And, of family in business? and middot; Arebehavioral and governance issues that need attention in family enterprises anydifferent from other firms?This four-volume work addresses these key concernsand provides a rich picture of what we know about family businesses andenterprising families, as well as including critical reflections on major areasand contributions.Volume One: Scope, Boundaries and Impact of FamilyBusinessVolume Two: The Business FamilyVolume Three: The Family BusinessVolumeFour: Governance and Behavioural Issues in Family Business

Contents: VOLUME ONE: SCOPE, BOUNDARIES AND IMPACT OF FAMILY BUSINESSIntroduction - Pramodita Sharma and Leif MelinPart One: Field of Family Business StudiesMethodological Issues and Considerations in Studying Family Businesses - WendyHandlerThe Family Business: Toward Definitional Clarity - Reginald LitzFamily Firm Research: The Need for a Methodological Rethink - Paul Westhead andMarc CowlingDefining the Family Business by Behavior - Jess Chua, James Chrisman andPramodita SharmaThe F-PEC Scale of Family Influence: Construction, Validation, and FurtherImplication for Theory - Sabine Klein, Joseph Astrachan and Kosmas SmyrniosFamily-owned Businesses: An Emerging Field of Inquiry - Barbara Hollander andNancy ElmanTheoretical Foundations for Family-owned Businesses: A Conceptual and ResearchBased Paradigm - Max Wortman Jr.Trends and Directions in the Development of a Strategic Management Theory of theFamily Firm - James Chrisman, Jess Chua and Pramodita SharmaThe Practice Driven Evolution of Family Business Education - Pramodita Sharma,Frank Hoy, Joseph Astrachan and Matti KoiranenIntellectual Foundations of Current Research in Family Business: AnIdentification and Review of 25 Most Influential Articles - James Chrisman etal.The Adolescence of Family Firm Research: Taking Stock and Planning for theFuture - Eric Gedajlovic et al.Worlds Apart? Re-bridging the Distance between Family Science and FamilyBusiness Research - Albert James, Jennifer Jennings and Rhonda BreitkruzThe Landscape of Family Business Outcomes: A Summary and Numerical Taxonomy ofDependent Variables - Andy Yu et al.Part Two: Societal and Economic Impact of Family BusinessesMyths and Realities: Family Businesses' Contribution to the US Economy – AFramework for Assessing Family Business Statistics - Melissa Carey Shanker andJoseph AstrachanThe Prevalence of Family Business from a Household Sample - Ramona Heck andElizabeth TrentCorporate Ownership around the World - Rafael LaPorta, FlorencioLopez-de-Silanes and Andrei ShleiferVOLUME TWO: THE BUSINESS FAMILYPart Three: The Family in BusinessThe Pervasive Effects of Family on Entrepreneurship: Towards a FamilyEmbeddedness Perspective - Howard Aldrich and Jennifer CliffAre Family Firms Born or Made? An Exploratory Investigation - Jess Chua, JamesChrisman and Erick ChangA Unified Systems Perspective of Family Firm Performance - Timothy Habbershon,Mary Williams and Ian MacMillanManaging Resources: Linking Unique Resources, Management, and Wealth Creation inFamily Firms - David Sirmon and Michael HittThe Role of Family in Family Firms - Marianne Bertrand and Antoinette SchoarThe Development of Organizational Social Capital: Attributes of Family Firms -Jean-Luc Arregle et al.Toward a Theory of Familiness: A Social Capital Perspective - Allison Pearson,Jon Carr and John ShawFamily Capital of Family Firms: Bridging Human, Social, and Financial Capita

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