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The Making of the Modern Police, 1780–1914, Part II
Author/Editor:    Lawrence, Paul., Clark, Janet., Crone, Rosalind., Shpayer-Makov, Haia.
Publisher:    Taylor & Francis Ltd
Pubn Place:    UK
Binding:    hbk.
Physical Media:    book (3 vols)
Pages:    1552
Availability:    Already Published.
Pubn Year:    Oct 2014
LCC:    HV8195.A2
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Price:    AUD 697.27 (ex. GST)
ISBN:   9781848933729
ISBN10:   184893372X
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Description: Over six volumes this edited collection of pamphlets, government publications,printed ephemera and manuscript sources looks at the development of the firstmodern police force. It will be of interest to social and political historians,criminologists and those interested in the development of the detective novel innineteenth-century literature.

Contents: Part IIVolume 4: Policing EntertainmentList of Nineteenth-Century Metropolitan Police Divisions (1888)Part I: Suppression – and its LimitsCharles Shaw, When I was a Child, by an Old Potter (1903), excerpt; Isaac Binns,From Village to Town (1882), excerpt; William Kelly, Notices Illustrative of theDrama (1865), excerpt; Horncastle Policemen’s Notebooks (1838–57), excerpts;Superintendent Heaton’s Huddersfield Crusade: Extracts from the Leeds Times,1848–51; British Library’s Fillinham Collection, Volume Four: Fairs,excerpts; ‘The Bench, the Police and the Wakes’, Oldham Chronicle, 3September 1864; Reports from the Superintendent of ‘F’ Division,Metropolitan Police, on the Difficulties of Policing Free Vintners’ Houses inLondon (1841–3); [John Gritton], The Lord’s Day Observance Society, TheLicensing Act of 1872 (1874), excerpts; Jem Mace, Fifty Years a Fighter (1908);Will Thorne, My Life’s Battles (1925), excerpts; ‘Football in the Streetsand Parks’, Preston Herald, 29 March 1884; Police Reports on Street Betting inKingston (1894) and West Ham (1896); Betting at Sporting Events within theMetropolitan Police District (1909–10)Case Study I: The Suppression of Guy Fawkes Celebrations in Lewes, 1847[M A Lower], ‘An Old Inhabitant’, Observations on the Doings in Lewes on theEvening of the Fifth of November 1846 (1847); Petition of Lewes Householders tothe Magistrates, September 1847; Brighton Gazette, October–November 1847,excerpts; Depositions of the Officers of the East Sussex Constabulary for theAssize CourtPart II: Compromise and Co-ExistenceComplaint Book, ‘H’ or Whitechapel Division, London Metropolitan Police,1843–6, excerpts; James Bent, Criminal Life: Reminiscences of 42 Years as aPolice Officer (1891), excerpts; Correspondence of Charles Babbage (1859–68),excerpts; Street Music and the Metropolitan Police, 1894–5; Hugh Shimmin,Liverpool Life (1856), excerpts; ‘Police Notebooks’ (Group B), Charles BoothArchive (1897–1900), excerpts; H. R. P. Gamon, The London Police Court, Todayand Tomorrow (1907), excerpts; Minutes of the Manchester Watch Committee,1894–6, excerpts; Policing the Seaside: Excerpts from the Blackpool PoliceGeneral Orders and the Chief Constable of Blackpool’s Reports to the WatchCommittee, 1887–1913Part III: Cooperation and Protection‘Lord’ George Sanger, Seventy Years a Showman (1908), excerpts; Furtherextracts from the British Library’s Fillinham Collection, Volume Four: Fairs;Protecting the Fairgrounds of Greater London, 1855–88: Extractsfrom the Home Office Papers on Fairs; Extracts from the Metropolitan PoliceOrders, 1871; Policing Association Football: Extracts from the Athletic News,1888–96Case Study II: The Metropolitan Police and the Protection of London’sTheatrical CultureTimothy Cavanagh, Scotland Yard Past and Present (1893), excerpts; Extracts

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