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Handbook of digital imaging, 3 volume set.
Author/Editor:    Kriss, Michael.
Publisher:    John Wiley & Sons Ltd
Pubn Place:    UK
Binding:    hbk.
Physical Media:    book (3 vols)
Pages:    1824
Availability:    Already Published.
Pubn Year:    Feb 2015
LCC:    TA1637.H358 2015
DDC:    621.36
Price:    AUD 1,024.50 (ex. GST)
ISBN:   9780470510599
ISBN10:   0470510595
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Description: A comprehensive and practical analysis and overview of the imaging chain throughacquisition, processing and displayThe Handbook of Digital Imaging provides a coherent overview of the imagingscience amalgam, focusing on the capture, storage and display of images. Thevolumes are arranged thematically to provide a seamless analysis of the imagingchain from source (image acquisition) to destination (image print/display). Thecoverage is planned to have a very practical orientation to provide acomprehensive source of information for practicing engineers designing anddeveloping modern digital imaging systems. The content will be drawn from allaspects of digital imaging including optics, sensors, quality, control, colourencoding and decoding, compression, projection and display. Contains approximately 50 highly illustrated articles printed in full colour throughout Over 50 Contributors from Europe, US and Asia from academia and industry The 3 volumes are organized thematically for enhanced usability: Volume 1: Image Capture and Storage; Volume 2: Image Display and Reproduction, Hardcopy Technology, Halftoning andPhysical Evaluation, Models for Halftone Reproduction; Volume 3: Imaging System Applications, Media Imaging, Remote Imaging, Medicaland Forensic Imaging 3 Volumes  www.handbookofdigitalimaging.com

Contents: Volume 1: Image Capture and StorageList of Contributors xxxvPreface xxxixAbbreviations and Acronyms xliPart I IMAGE CAPTURE AND STORAGE 11 Digital Versus Analog Imaging 3Michael Kriss2 Optics for Digital Imaging 31Peter B. Catrysse3 Solid-State Image Sensors 854 Digital Imaging: An Introduction to Image Processing 161Michael Kriss5 Color Reproduction for Digital Cameras 219Michael Kriss6 Image Compression and File Formats 287Michael Kriss7 Image Quality Concepts 325Peter D. Burns8 Image Systems Simulation 373Joyce E. Farrell and Brian A. Wandell9 Multispectral Imaging 401Yoichi Miyake and Vladimir A. Bochko10 Understanding Glare and How it Limits Scene Reproduction 433Alessandro Rizzi and John J. McCannVolume 2: Image Display and ReproductionList of Contributors xxxvPreface xxxixAbbreviations and Acronyms xliPart II IMAGE DISPLAY AND PROJECTION 45911 Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) 461Claire Gu and Pochi Yeh12 Plasma Display Panel (PDP) 505Shigeo Mikoshiba13 Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS) 557Cheng-Huan Chen14 Introduction to Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) 577Jun Liu, Chin-Ti Chen and Chin H. Chen15 Field Emission Displays (FEDs) and Surface-Conduction Electron-EmitterDisplays (SEDs) 627Matthew T. Cole, Masayuki Nakamoto and William I. Milne16 Thick Film AC Electroluminescence 655Christopher J. Winscom, Robert Withnall and Jack Silver17 Touch Displays 673Geoff Walker18 Digital Micromirror Device and Digital Light Processing 739Rajeev RamanathPart III HARDCOPY TECHNOLOGY 75719 Electrophotography 759Marc Cousoulis20 Toner Technology and Fusing Concepts 811Dinesh Tyagi21 Inkjet Print Engines 863Ronald A. Askeland22 Ink-Jet Ink Technologies 895John L. StoffelPart IV HALFTONING AND PHYSICAL EVALUATION 91923 Basics of Tone Reproduction 921Sasan Gooran and Li Yang24 Digital Halftones 943David Vanderhaeghe and Victor Ostromoukhov25 Physical Evaluation of the Quality of Color Halftone 983Li YangPart V MODELS FOR HALFTONE TONE REPRODUCTION 101926 Fundamentals of Optics and Radiometry for Color Reproduction 1021Mathieu Hébert, Roger D. Hersch and Patrick Emmel27 Base Models for Color Halftone Reproduction 1079Roger D. Hersch and Mathieu Hébert28 The Point Spread Function and Optical Dot Gain 1133Geoffrey L. Rogers29 The Probability Model for Color Tone Reproduction 1165Li Yang30 Computer Models for Digital Imaging 1199Patrick Jenny, Miloš Šormaz and Safer Mourad31 Two-Flux and Multiflux Matrix Models for Colored Surfaces 1233Mathieu Hébert and Patrick EmmelVolume 3: Imaging System ApplicationsList of Contributors xxxvPreface xxxixAbbreviations and Acronyms xliPart VI MEDIA IMAGING 127932 Single-Sensor Imaging Devices: An Overview 1281Sebastiano Battiato33 Digital Television 13

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