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Handbook of Liquid Crystals.
Author/Editor:    Collings, Peter J. Gleeson, Helen. Goodby, J. W. Kato, Takashi. Tschierske, Carsten. Goodby, John W.
Publisher:    VCH-Wiley Publishing
Pubn Place:    Europe
Binding:    hbk.
Edition:    2nd rev ed
Physical Media:    book (7 vols)
Pages:    4200
Availability:    Already Published.
Pubn Year:    Feb 2014
LCC:    QD923
DDC:    530.429
Readership:    Research & professional
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ISBN:   9783527327737
ISBN10:   3527327738
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Description: Much more than a slight revision, this second edition of the successful"Handbook of Liquid Crystals" is completely restructured and streamlined, withupdated as well as completely new topics, 100% more content and a new team ofeditors and authors. As such, it fills the gap for a definitive, single sourcereference for all those working in the field of organized fluids and will setthe standard for the next decade.The Handbook's new structure facilitates navigation and combines thepresentation of the content by topic and by liquid-crystal type: A fundamentalsvolume sets the stage for an understanding of the liquid crystal state ofmatter, while individual volumes cover the main types and forms, with a finalvolume bringing together the diverse liquid crystal phases through theirapplications.This unrivaled, all-embracing coverage represents the undiluted knowledge onliquid crystals, making the Handbook a must-have wherever liquid crystals areinvestigated, produced or used, and in institutions where their science andtechnology is taught.Also available electronically on Wiley Online Library,www.wileyonlinelibrary.com/ref/holc Volume 1: Fundamentals of Liquid CrystalsVolume 2: Physical Properties and Phase Behavior of Liquid CrystalsVolume 3: Nematic and Chiral Nematic Liquid CrystalsVolume 4: Smectic and Columnar Liquid CrystalsVolume 5: Non-Conventional Liquid CrystalsVolume 6: Nanostructured and Amphiphilic Liquid CrystalsVolume 7: Supermolecular and Polymeric Liquid CrystalsVolume 8: Applications of Liquid Crystals

Contents: VOLUME 1: Fundamentals of Liquid CrystalsPART I - INTRODUCTIONIntroduction and Historical Perspectives of Liquid CrystalsClassification of Liquid Crystals According to SymmetryPhase Transitions: General and Fundamental Aspects, First and Second OrderTransitions, Typical Ranges, Monotropic and Enantiotropic Transitions,Supercooling, ThermodynamicsPART II - BASICS OF LIQUID CRYSTALSContinuum Theory for Liquid CrystalsMolecular Theories of Liquid CrystalsSynthetic Strategies for Liquid CrystalsSymmetry and Chirality in Liquid CrystalsChemical Structure and Mesogenic PropertiesPART III - CHARACTERIZATION OF LIQUID CRYSTALSOptical Microscopy Studies of Liquid CrystalsX-ray Scattering Investigations of Liquid CrystalsImaging: AFM, STM, TEM, Freeze Fracture Studies, Fluorescence and ConfocalMicroscopyMixed Systems: Phase Diagrams, Phase Rules, Eutectics, Re-Entrant Phases,Induced Phases, Miscibility StudiesMagnetic ResonanceNeutron ScatteringLight Scattering from Liquid CrystalsInvestigation of Chirality PropertiesVOLUME 2:  Physical Properties and Phase Behavior of Liquid CrystalsPART I - PHYSICAL PROPERTIESTensor Properties of Anisotropic MaterialsMagnetic Properties of Liquid CrystalsOptical Properties of Liquid CrystalsDielectric Properties of Liquid CrystalsElastic Properties of Liquid CrystalsDefects and Textures of Liquid CrystalsViscosityBehaviour of Liquid Crystals in Electric and Magnetic fieldsSurface Alignment of Liquid CrystalsNonlinear Optical Properties of Liquid CrystalsIon Transport in Liquid CrystalsPhase Transition TheoriesPART II - PHASE BEHAVIORThermal Studies in Liquid CrystalsDensity in Liquid CrystalsHigh Pressure Investigations of Liquid CrystalsReentrant Phase Transitions in Liquid CrystalsVOLUME 3: Nematic and Chiral Nematic Liquid CrystalsPART I - COMMON FEATURES OF NEMATIC LIQUID CRYSTALSPhase Structures of Nematic Liquid CrystalsPhase Transitions in Liquid CrystalsDesigning Principles and Synthesis of Materials for Nematic Liquid CrystalsPART II - CONVENTIONAL NEMATIC LIQUID CRYSTALSNematic Liquid Crystals for Display ApplicationsElastic Properties of Nematic Liquid CrystalsDielectric Properties of Nematic Liquid CrystalsDiamagnetic Properties of Nematic Liquid CrystalsOptical Properties of Nematic Liquid CrystalsDynamic Properties of Nematic Liquid CrystalsPART III - DISCOTIC, BIAXIAL AND CHIRAL NEMATIC LIQUID CRYSTALSDesign and Synthesis of Nematic Phases Formed by Disc-Like MoleculesSynthesis of Biaxial Nematic Liquid CrystalsStructures and Properties of Biaxial Nematic Liquid CrystalsPhysical Investigations of Biaxial Nematic Liquid CrystalsMolecular Design and Synthesis of Chiral Nematic Liquid CrystalsStructures and Optical Properties of Chiral Nematic Liquid CrystalsChiral Nem

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