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Entrepreneurial Finance
Author/Editor:    Klonowski, Darek.
Publisher:    Routledge c/- Taylor & Francis
Pubn Place:    UK
Binding:    hbk.
Physical Media:    book (4 vols)
Pages:    1706
Availability:    Already Published.
Pubn Year:    May 2014
LCC:    HG4027.7.E5854 2014
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ISBN:   9780415708432
ISBN10:   0415708435
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Description: It is axiomatic that entities which bring together the factors of productionplay a vital role in any national economy. But, while entrepreneurial venturesmay be a source of growth and innovation, they also face many challenges. Inparticular, access to finance can place particular constraints on a youngfirm’s ability to flourish and develop. Moreover, entrepreneurial firms areoften operated in a haphazard manner; their internal processes are unsystematic.Planning, forecasting, and budgeting processes are either not well developed or,in some cases, non-existent.Now, to help advanced students and researchers make sense of an enormous—andgrowing—corpus of scholarship and practical thinking on the principles thatunderpin entrepreneurial finance, and the many associated issues andcontroversies that this topic generates, Routledge announces EntrepreneurialFinance, a new addition to its acclaimed Critical Concepts in Finance series.Edited by Darek Klonowski, Professor of Business Administration at BrandonUniversity and a private-equity professional, this four-volume set is a ‘minilibrary’ that brings together the foundational and the very best cutting-edgeresearch.Furnished with a comprehensive introduction, newly written by the editor, whichplaces the assembled materials in their historical and intellectual context,Entrepreneurial Finance is an essential collection, and is certain to berecognized as a vital one-stop resource.

Contents: VOLUME I: INTRODUCTION TO ENTREPRENEURIAL FINANCEEntrepreneurial Finance Ecosystem1. Bernard S. Black and Ronald J. Gilson, ‘Venture Capital and the Structureof Capital Markets: Banks Versus Stock Markets’, Journal of FinancialEconomics, 1998, 47, 3, 243–77.2. John Armour and Douglas Cumming, ‘The Legislative Road to SiliconValley’, Oxford Economic Papers, 2006, 58, 4, 596–635.3. Olav Sorenson and Toby E. Stuart, ‘Syndication Networks and the SpatialDistribution of Venture Capital Investments’, American Journal of Sociology,2001, 106, 6, 1546–88.4. Gordon C. Murray, ‘Evolution and Change: An Analysis of the First Decade ofthe UK Venture Capital Industry’, Journal of Business Finance and Accounting,1995, 22, 8, 1077–106.A Puzzle of Liquidity Constraints for Entrepreneurial Firms5. David S. Evans and Boyan Jovanovic, ‘An Estimated Model of EntrepreneurialChoice and Liquidity Constraints’, Journal of Political Economy, 1989, 97, 4,808–27.6. Erik Hurst and Annamaria Lusardi, ‘Liquidity Constraint, Household Debt andEntrepreneurship’, Journal of Political Economy, 2004, 112, 2, 319–47.Entrepreneur’s Preparation for Funding7. Colin Mason and Matthew Stark, ‘What Do Investors Look for in a BusinessPlan? A Comparison of the Investment Criteria of Bankers, Venture Capitalistsand Business Angels’, International Small Business Journal, 2004, 22, 3,227–48.8. Oskari Lehtonen and Tom Lahti, ‘The Role of Advisors in the Venture CapitalInvestment Process’, Venture Capital: An International Journal ofEntrepreneurial Finance, 2009, 11, 3, 229–54.Entrepreneur and Pursuit of Financing9. Albert V. Bruno and Tyzoon T. Tyebjee, ‘The Entrepreneurs Search forCapital’, Journal of Business Venturing, 1995, 1, 1, 61–74.10. Gavin Cassar, ‘The Financing of Business Start-ups’, Journal of BusinessVenturing, 2004, 19, 2, 261–83.11. Nancy M. Carter, Candida G. Brush, Patricia G. Greene, Elizabeth Gatewood,and Myra M. Hart, ‘Women Entrepreneurs Who Break Through to Equity Financing:The Influence of Human, Social, and Financial Capital’, Venture Capital: AnInternational Journal of Entrepreneurial Finance, 2003, 3, 1, 2–28.12. Zhenyu Wu, Jess H. Chua, and James J. Chrisman, ‘Effects of FamilyOwnership and Management on Small Business Equity Financing’, Journal ofBusiness Venturing, 2007, 22, 6, 875–95.VOLUME II: MODES OF ENTREPRENEURIAL FINANCEBootstrapping: Creative Entrepreneurial Finance13. Joakim Winborg and Hans Landstrom, ‘Financial Bootstrapping in SmallBusinesses: Examining Small Business Manager’s Resources AcquisitionBehavior’, Journal of Business Venturing, 2000, 16, 3, 235–54.14. Jay Ebben and Alex Johnson, ‘Bootstrapping in Small Firms: An EmpiricalAnalysis of Change Over Time’, Journal of Business Venturing, 2006, 21, 6,851–65.15. Richard T. Ha

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