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Routledge Library Editions: First World War.
Author/Editor:    Various
Publisher:    Routledge c/- Taylor & Francis
Pubn Place:    UK
Binding:    hbk.
Physical Media:    book (15 vols)
Pages:    4534
Availability:    Already Published.
Pubn Year:    Mar 2014
LCC:    D521
DDC:    940.3
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ISBN:   9780415749244
ISBN10:   0415749247
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Description: Re-issuing 15 volumes originally published between 1967 and 1989, the books in this collection cover everything from pre-war diplomacy and international relations, British and German military and naval strategy and capability to food supply and the effect of the First World War on British politics and government.

Contents: 1. British Food Policy in the First World War 2. Britain, America and the sinews of war, 1914-1918. 3. War and the state : the transformation of British government 1914-1919 4. German policy toward neutral Spain, 1914-1918 5. British agriculture in the First World War 6. British strategy and war aims, 1914-16 7. Luxury' fleet : the Imperial German Navy 1888-1918 8. War aims and strategic policy in the Great War, 1914-1918 9. The war plans of the great powers, 1880-1914 10. The scaremongers : the advocacy of war and rearmament 1896-1914 11. American newsfilm 1914-1919 : the underexposed war 12. Strategy and Supply 13. Britain and the First World War 14. Socialism and the challenge of war. Ideas and politics in Britain, 1912-18. 15. Great Britain and the war of 1914-1918.

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