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Travel and Tourism in Britain, 1700–1914
Author/Editor:    Barton, Susan., Brodie, Allan M., Brodie, Allan.
Publisher:    Taylor & Francis Ltd
Pubn Place:    UK
Binding:    hbk.
Physical Media:    book (4 vols)
Pages:    2048
Availability:    Already Published.
Pubn Year:    Jul 2014
LCC:    G155.G7
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ISBN:   9781848934122
ISBN10:   1848934122
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Description: The British led the way in holidaymaking. This four-volume primary resourcecollection brings together a diverse range of texts on the various forms oftransport used by tourists, the destinations they visited, the role ofentertainments and accommodation and how these affected the way that tourismevolved over two centuries.

Contents: Volume 1: Travel and DestinationsTexts in this volume draw on accounts by early travellers, from short factuallists to longer subjective descriptions. Documents show how eagerly new forms oftransport were adopted and how they gave rise to different leisure activitiesand new destinations. Methods of travel covered include: early road travel byhorse or wagon, river travel via sail and steamships, railways, the safetybicycle, motorized transport (charabancs, coaches, buses, cars and bicycles) andfinally, air travel.General IntroductionEditorial PrinciplesSelect BibliographyPart I: TravelRoad Travel: G Keate, Sketches from Nature, 2 vols (1779), vol. 1, extract; SShaw, A Tour to the West of England in 1788 (1789), extract; H B MacLellan,Journal of a Residence in Scotland (1834), extractTravel Writing: [Anon.], A Guide to Stage Coaches Mails Diligences Waggons ...[1795], extractWater Transport: J Greswell, Account of Runcorn and its Environs (1807),extract; J Chandler, The Seaman's Guide and New Coaster's Companion (1792),extract; J Cleland, Annals of Glasgow (1816), extract; C Guthrie, The Tourist'sCompanion (1822), extracts; E Parsons, The Tourist's Companion (1835), extracts;T H C, A Descriptive Tour in Scotland (1840), extractTravelling by Train: J Wyld, The London and Southampton Railway Guide (1839),extract; H B MacLellan, Journal of a Residence in Scotland (1834), extract; EParsons, The Tourist's Companion (1835), extract; G Mansell, The London andBirmingham Railway Guide (1838), extractsNew Transport: Royal Automobile Club, The Automobile Handbook (1904), extracts;[Ward, Lock & Co.], A Pictorial and Descriptive Guide to Cromer ... [1908],extracts; A J Wilson, Motor Trips at a Glance (1911), extracts; G C Home, TheMotor Routes of England (1911), extract; [The Motor Union], The Motor Union ofGreat Britain and Ireland, British and Irish Handbook (c.1908), extract; C NWilliamson and A M Williamson, The Lightning Conductor (1902), extract; RGreene, Cyclist, Northampton as a Cycling Centre, etc. (1889), extract; RFerris, How to Fly (1910), extractPart II: DestinationsLondon and Large Cities: J Macky, A Journey through England (1714), vol. 1,extracts; Rev W MacRitchie, Diary of a Tour through Great Britain in 1795(1897), extracts; [Anon.], Sunday Walks, round London and Westminster (1795),extract; [Anon.], The Saturday Half-Holiday Guide to London and the Environs(1868), extract; A Gentleman of Oxford, The New Oxford Guide (1786), extractExploring the Countryside: A Dennis, Journal of a Tour, through Great Part ofEngland and Scotland (1816), extract; J J Hissey, A Holiday on the Road (1887),extract; J A Gotch, Holiday Journeys in Northamptonshire (1889), extractCountry House Visiting: J Macky, A Journey through England (1722), vol. 2,extract; A F Hargrove, A Brief Description of Places of Public Interest in theCounty of York (1843), extra

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