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Encyclopedia of Automotive Engineering.
Author/Editor:    Crolla, David.
Publisher:    John Wiley & Sons Ltd
Pubn Place:    UK
Binding:    hbk.
Physical Media:    book (6 vols)
Pages:    4101
Availability:    Already Published.
Pubn Year:    Feb 2015
LCC:    TL9.E5227 2015
DDC:    629.203
Price:    AUD 3,277.23 (ex. GST)
ISBN:   9780470974025
ISBN10:   0470974028
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Description: A Choice Oustanding Academic TitleThe Encyclopedia of Automotive Engineering provides for the first time a large,unified knowledge base laying the foundation for advanced study and in-depthresearch. Through extensive cross-referencing and search functionality itprovides a gateway to detailed but scattered information on best industrypractice, engendering a better understanding of interrelated concepts andtechniques that cut across specialized areas of engineering. Beyond traditionalautomotive subjects the Encyclopedia addresses green technologies, the shiftfrom mechanics to electronics, and the means to produce safer, more efficientvehicles within varying economic restraints worldwide.The work comprises nine main parts: (1) Engines: Fundamentals (2) Engines:Design (3) Hybrid and Electric Powertrains (4) Transmission and Driveline (5)Chassis Systems (6) Electrical and Electronic Systems (7) Body Design (8)Materials and Manufacturing (9) Telematics. Offers authoritative coverage of the wide-ranging specialist topics encompassed by automotive engineering An accessible point of reference for entry level engineers and students who require an understanding of the fundamentals of technologies outside of their own expertise or training Provides invaluable guidance to more detailed texts and research findings in the technical literature Developed in conjunction with FISITA, the umbrella organisation for the national automotive societies in 37 countries around the world and representing more than 185,000 automotive engineers6 Volumeswww.automotive-reference.com An essential resource for libraries and information centres in industry,research and training organizations, professional societies, governmentdepartments, and all relevant engineering departments in the academic sector.   

Contents: Editorial BoardDedicationForewordPrefacePart 1Operating PrinciplesThermordynamic AnalysisFundamental Chemical KineticsFundamental Combustion ModesSolving Combustion Chemistry in Engine SimulationsNOx Formation and ModelsUHC and CO Formation and ModelsParticulate Formation and ModelsGas Exchange - Breathing and Air ManagementFuel IntroductionIn-Cylinder FlowSpark Ignition CombustionDiesel and Diesel LTC CombustionAdvanced Compression-Ignition Combustion for Ultra-Low NOx and SootPressure and Heat Release AnalysisZero- and One-Dimensional Methodologies and ToolsMultidimensional SimulationFuels for Engines and the Impact of Fuel Composition on Engine PerformanceIntake BoostingExhaust Gas Energy RecoveryEngine Thermal ManagementLubrication and FrictionGas Aftertreatment SystemsSolid/Condensed Phase Aftertreatment SystemsEngine PerformanceExhaust EmissionsFundamentalsTrends ? Spark IgnitionTrends ? Compression IgnitionPart 2Automotive Diesel Engine Development TrendsCritical layout dimensionsCranktrain DevelopmentCooling SystemsLubrication systemsPiston and ring developmentValvetrain developmentMaterial and Process Selection ? Cylinder Blocks and HeadsBlock and Head AnalysisGaskets and SealingNVH Considerations in Engine DevelopmentTurbochargingSuperchargingDiesel Fuel Injection SystemsEmission Control Systems - Oxides of nitrogenStoichiometric Exhaust Emission ControlExhaust Emission Control Considerations for Diesel EnginesEngine Management SystemsEngine/Transmission MatchingDrive CyclesFuel economy optimizationPart 3Overview of Electric, Hybrid and Fuel Cell VehiclesEV powertrain configurationEV powertrain parametersEV auxilariesBasic considerationMicro, mild and full hybridSeries Hybrid Electric Vehicles (SHEVs)Parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicles (Parallel HEVs)Series-Parallel Hybrid Electric VehiclesRange extender EVAll-Wheel Drive Hybrid SystemEVT and E-CVT for Full Hybrid Electric VehiclesPower and Energy requirements for electric and hybrid vehiclesRechargeable Battery BasicsAdvanced batteries for vehicle applicationsBatteries indication and managementBattery safety for lithium batteries in vehicle applicationsFuel Cell Powered VehiclesUltracapacitors in electric drive vehiclesGeneral requirement of traction motor drivesDC motor drivesInduction motor drivesFuture direction of traction motor drivesRegenerative braking systemsEnergy management systems of EVsEnergy management systems of HEVsBattery charging standardsCommunication of Electric VehiclesVoltage Control and Frequency ControlImpact of electric vehicles on low-voltage supply systemsPart 4General Introduction - basic definitions, structure

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