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Childhood social development.
Author/Editor:    Rutland, Adam. Smith, Peter. , Rutland, Adam. Smith, Peter K.
Publisher:    Sage Publications Ltd UK
Pubn Place:    UK
Binding:    hbk.
Physical Media:    book (5 vols)
Pages:    1584
Availability:    Already Published.
Pubn Year:    Jun 2014
LCC:    BF721
DDC:    155.4
Price:    AUD 1,480.91 (ex. GST)
ISBN:   9781446267165
ISBN10:   1446267164
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Description: This new Major Work, in five volumes, captures the key conceptual issues andfindings in research covering social development in early childhood, through toadolescence. Childhood social development is an enormous field of researchaddressing issues to do with emotional development, peer relations, self-esteemand bullying amongst other topics, and through the inclusion of bothcontemporary and classic papers, these volumes skilfully outline the developmentof the area, our current conceptions, and growing points and controversies.Volume One: Social development within the family Volume Two: Peer relations andndash; friendship and play Volume Three: Peer relations and ndash; dominance,aggression and bullying Volume Four: Emotional intelligence and moraldevelopmentVolume Five: Cultural differences and theoretical perspectives

Contents: VOLUME ONE: SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT WITHIN THE FAMILYPart One: Attachment beyond InfancyCategories of Response to Reunion with the Parent at Age 6: Predictable fromInfant Attachment Classifications and Stable over a 1-Month Period - Mary Mainand Jude CassidyParent-Child Attachment and Monitoring in Middle Childhood - K. Kerns et al.Part Two: Parenting StylesChild Care Practices Anteceding Three Patterns of Preschool Behavior - DianaBaumrindA Reinterpretation of the Direction of Effects in Studies of Socialization -Richard BellThe Determinants of Parenting: A Process Model - Jay BelskyPart Three: Disciplinary Practices and Child AbusePatterns of Marital Conflict Predict Children's Internalising and ExternalisingBehaviors - Lynn Fainsilber Katz and John GottmanEvaluating the Success of Sweden's Corporal Punishment Ban - Joan DurrantChild Outcomes of Nonabusive and Customary Physical Punishment by Parents: AnUpdated Literature Review - Robert LarzalereMaternal Warmth Moderates the Link between Physical Punishment and ChildExternalizing Problems: A Parent-Offspring Behavior Genetic Analysis - KirbyDeater-Deckard, Linda Ivy and Stephen PetrillPart Four: Different Family Types, Step-Parents, Divorce, GrandparentsCoping with Family Transitions: Winners, Losers, and Survivors - E. MavisHetheringtonThe Impact of Grandparents on Children's Outcomes in China - Toni FalboAnnotation: On the Grandmothers' Role in the Adjustment and Maladjustment ofGrandchildren - Catherine Lavers and Edmund Sonuga-BarkePart Five: Sibling Relationships, Only ChildrenSibling Relationships in Childhood: Links with Friendship and Peer Relationships- Clare Stocker and Judy DunnOnly Children and Sibling Children in Urban China: A Re-examination - XinyinChen, Kenneth Rubin and Bo-shu LiVOLUME TWO: PEER RELATIONS ? FRIENDSHIP, IDENTITY, SOCIAL GROUPS AND PLAYPart One: FriendshipSocial Participation among Preschool Children - M. PartenMeasuring Friendship Quality during Pre- and Early Adolescence: The Developmentand Psychometric Properties of the Friendship Qualities Scale - WilliamBukowski, Betsy Hoza and Michel BoivinPart Two: Sociometric TraditionDimensions and Types of Social Status: A Cross-Age Perspective - John Coie,Kenneth Dodge and Heide CoppotelliSocial Information Processing Mechanisms in Reactive and Proactive Aggression -Nicki Crick and Kenneth DodgeSociometric Popularity and Peer-Perceived Popularity: Two Distinct Dimensions ofPeer Status - Jennifer Parkhurst and Andrea HopmeyerPreadolescent Friendship and Peer Rejection as Predictors of Adult Adjustment -Catherine Bagwell, Andrew Newcomb and William BukowskiPart Three: Group IdentitySocial and Cognitive Bases of Ethnic Identity - Frances AboudChildren's Use of Gender-related Information in Making Social Judgments - CarolLynn Martin""God Made Me a Girl"": Gender Constancy Judgments and Explanations Revisited -Joel Szkrybalo

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