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The international encyclopedia of digital communication and society.
Author/Editor:    Mansell, Robin.
Publisher:    John Wiley & Sons Inc
Pubn Place:    US
Binding:    hbk.
Physical Media:    book (3 vols)
Pages:    1500
Availability:    Already Published.
Pubn Year:    Feb 2015
LCC:    TK5103.7.I567 2015
DDC:    384.303
Price:    AUD 1,226.32 (ex. GST)
ISBN:   9781118290743
ISBN10:   1118290747
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Description: Research on 'Digital Communication and Society' is expanding rapidly within the field of Media and Communication Studies as global connectivity intensifies, reaching into the remotest parts of the world. Mobile devices and the internet are providing new means of entry into the digital age and the number of stakeholders with an interest in the communication environment is rapidly expanding. The International Encyclopedia of Digital Communication and Society offers critical assessments of theoretical and applied research on the production of these technologies and the use of the digital space in our daily lives, emphasising perspectives in different regions. Instead of a levelling homogeneity, extended connectivity is giving rise to differentiation in the social, cultural, political and business applications of digital technologies around the world. Including over 150 entries across three volumes, this Encyclopedia emphasizes research in a range of fields concerned with digitally-mediated communication with a focus on social media and commercial applications, online gaming, as well as legal and policy analysis and the role of digital technologies in development.

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