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SAGE Series in Human Rights Audits of Peace Processes: Five-Volume Set
Author/Editor:    Bose, Tapan K. Manchanda, Rita. , Manchanda, Rita.
Publisher:    Sage Publications India P L
Pubn Place:    Other
Binding:    hbk.
Physical Media:    book (5 vols)
Pages:    1040
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Pubn Year:    Mar 2015
LCC:    HN690.Z9C739 2015
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ISBN:   9789351500988
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Description: The SAGE Series in Human Rights Audits of Peace Processes provides an overviewof peace-audit study and explores why many peace processes fail. It providescomparative analyses of peace processes in South Asia drawn from field-basedaudit exercises in four regions: Northeast India; Balochistan, Pakistan;Madhesh, Nepal; and Chittagong Hills Tracts, Bangladesh. By placingconflict-affected peoples' perspectives and experiences at the centre, the fivevolumes explore the gaps between the national elite's vision of conflictmanagement, pacification, and restoring normalcy vis- and agrave;-vis peoples'expectations of systemic change in the factors that drove the conflicts. Thevolumes question the success of peacemaking processes, indexing them on thequality of democracy by looking at peoples' rights and entitlements. They setforth ways in which peace accords can be made to deliver a more inclusive,non-exploitative, and just peace. This set is an exhaustive resource forscholars and researchers working in the area of Peace and Conflict Studies,Strategic/Security Studies, South Asian Studies, and Political Science. It willbe of interest to policymakers, human rights activists, and journalists alike.

Contents: Volume I - Making War, Making Peace: Conflict Resolution in South AsiaAcknowledgmentsIntroductionThe Power to Grant PeaceThe Prerogative of the PeacemakerStatus Quo AwardsConferring Rights or Act of DominationWhat Peace Brings?Beyond Top-down Peacemaking: Role of Civil SocietyGender and Ethno-nationalist StrugglesBibliographyIndexAbout South Asia Forum for Human RightsVolume II - Bridging State and Nation: Peace Accords in India's NortheastAcknowledgmentsIntroduction : The Green of My Hills Is Khaki!I : ENDGAME IN THE NAGA PEACE PROCESS: FUTURE OF THE NORTHEAST - RITA MANCHANDAAND TAPAN BOSENew Beginning: End of an EraConstructing the Naga NationNaga ReconciliationNaga Integration and SovereigntyNormalizing Ceasefire as PeaceConclusionII : THE MIZO ACCORD: SWAPPING SOVEREIGNTY FOR STATEHOOD - SAJAL NAGBrand Mizo DiscourseTribe to Nation: Quest for Sovereignty through SecessionAuditing Brand MizoDemocracy, Pluralism, and Minority RightsBuilding an Exclusive CommunityEconomic Growth and DevelopmentConclusionBridging State and NationBibliographyIndexAbout South Asia Forum for Human RightsVolume III - Balochistan: A Case Study of Pakistan's Peacemaking PraxisAcknowledgementsIntroductionThe State and Balochistan: The Early DecadesState Penetration in BalochistanThe Baloch National Movement: Key PlayersPeacemaking by Military Means: Strategies of the Overdeveloped StatePeacemaking in Balochistan: A People's AuditProspects for Balochistani Nationalism: Interethnic Relations in ContemporaryBalochistanPolicy Inititiatives in BalochistanEpilogue: The Possibilities for Peace in BalochistanBibliographyIndexAbout South Asia Forum for Human RightsVolume IV - Confronting the Federal Sphinx in Nepal: Madhesh-TaraiIntroductionPolitics in NepalMadhesh, Madheshis, and the Federal QuestionPolitical Economy of Nepal's UnificationModernization of Nepal: Panchayat to Restoration of Democracy and Betrayal ofMadheshisThe Maoist Movement, Jana Andolan II, and Federal PoliticsOpposition to One Madhesh: Demand within TaraiField Data AnalysisToward a ConclusionAppendix 1: Text of 22 point Agreement between MJF and Government of NepalAppendix 2: Federal Regions Proposed by UCPN (Maoist) and Nepali CongressAppendix 3: Madheshi Political OrganizationsAppendix 4: Madheshi Armed Organizations Active in TeraiBibliographyIndexAbout South Asia Forum for Human RighsVolume V - Conflict and Partition: Chittagong Hill Tracts, BangladeshAcknowledgmentsIntroductionSeeding of the ConflictTowards Peace Accord: Mapping the ProcessThe Chittagong Hill Tracts TodayConclusionAnnexure: The Chittagong Hill Tracts Agreement, 1997BibliographyIndexAbout South Asia Forum for Human Rights

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