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Criminal psychology.
Author/Editor:    Canter, David. , Canter, David.
Publisher:    Sage Publications Ltd UK
Pubn Place:    UK
Binding:    hbk.
Physical Media:    book (4 vols)
Pages:    1584
Availability:    Already Published.
Pubn Year:    Jul 2014
LCC:    HV6080
DDC:    364.3
Price:    AUD 1,261.82 (ex. GST)
ISBN:   9781446286067
ISBN10:   1446286061
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Description: This four-volume set of definitive publications in the area of criminalpsychology provides a gateway to theory, research and practice, and is designedto be a vital research tool for students, researchers and practitionersworldwide. The volumes present a selection of important publications with anemphasis on seminal works from many different countries, reflecting theincreasingly global reach of the topic. Each volume includes an introduction bythe editor, to contextualize the historical, theoretical and empiricalsignificance of the articles contained therein.

Contents: VOLUME ONE: PSYCHOLOGICAL CAUSES OF CRIMEPart One: Pathways to CriminalityNarcotic Addiction and Crime - William McGlothlin, M. Douglas Anglin and BruceWilsonNo Sense of an Ending: Researching the Experience of Imprisonment and Releaseamong Republican Ex-Prisoners - Adrian Grounds and Ruth JamiesonRates of Mental Disorder in People Convicted of Homicide: National ClinicalSurvey - Jenny Shaw et al.The Prediction of Criminal and Violent Recidivism among Mentally DisorderedOffenders: A Meta-Analysis - James Bonta, Moira Law and Karl HansonRamos Blows to the Head during Development Can Predispose to Violent CriminalBehaviour: Rehabilitation of Consequences of Head Injury Is a Measure for CrimePrevention - José Léon-Carrión and Francisco Javier ChacarteguiMinor Physical Anomalies and Family Adversity as Risk Factors for ViolentDelinquency in Adolescence - Louise Arseneault et al.The Development of Delinquent Behaviour - Friedrich LöselMale Sexual Proprietariness and Violence against Women - Margo Wilson and MartinDalyTesting Hypotheses Regarding Rape: Exposure to Sexual Violence, Sex Differences,and the “Normalitya of Rapists - Neil Malamuth, Scott Haber and SeymourFeshbachFamily Processes and Adolescent Problem Behavior: Integrating RelationshipNarratives into Understanding Development and Change - Bernadette Marie Bullockand Thomas DishionLongitudinal Family and Peer Group Effects on Violence and NonviolentDelinquency - David Henry, Patrick Tolan and Deborah Gorman-SmithBetween the Heat of Passion and Cold Blood: Battered Woman's Syndrome as anExcuse for Self-Defense in Non-Confrontational Homicides - John RobertsPart Two: Personality and CrimePersonality Theory and the Problem of Criminality - Hans EysenckRelationships between Central and Autonomic Measures of Arousal at Age 15 Yearsand Criminality at Age 24 Years - Adrian Raine, Peter Venables and Mark WilliamsUnderstanding the Personality Disorder and Aggression Relationship: AnInvestigation Using Contemporary Aggression Theory - F. Gilbert et al.Delinquent Behavior and the Five-Factor Model: Hiding in the Adaptive Landscape- Richard WiebePersonality Correlates of Offence Style - Donna YoungsPsychopathy as a Risk Factor for Violence - Robert HareRefining the Construct of Psychopathy: Towards a Hierarchical Model - DavidCooke and Christine MichieSerious Delinquent Behavior, Sensation Seeking, and Electrodermal Arousal - LisaGatzke-Kopp et el.VOLUME TWO: CRIMINALS' CHARACTERISTICSPart One: Criminal LivesCriminal Career Research in the United Kingdom - David FarringtonWhat Has Been Learned from Self-Reports about Criminal Careers and the Causes ofOffending? - David FarringtonNarratives of Criminal Action and Forensic Psychology - David Canter and DonnaYoungsOffender's Crime Narratives as Revealed by the Narrative Roles Questionnaire -Donna Youngs and David CanterTerrorists' Personal Constructs

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