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Climates and Cultures
Author/Editor:    Hulme, Mike.
Publisher:    Sage Publications Inc
Pubn Place:    US
Binding:    hbk.
Physical Media:    book (6 vols)
Pages:    1888
Availability:    Already Published.
Pubn Year:    Jun 2015
LCC:    QC981.45
DDC:    551.5
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ISBN:   9781473904521
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Description: ‘Climate' is an old idea, but an idea which retains tremendous power,versatility and utility in today's world. For the Ancient Greeks, climate workedboth as index and as agency , and this dual function has recurred throughouthuman cultural history and it works too in contemporary discourses about climatechange. Climates change physically, but climates can also change ideologically.What climate means to different people in different places in different eras isnot stable. If culture is concerned with how human meaning, symbolism andpractice take on substantive and material forms, then studying climate throughculture is likely to be a fruitful activity. This Major Work is a valuablesynopsis of a diffuse discourse and captures some of the most important writingon climate and culture that has appeared since the 1980s. It provides astructure within which the recently growing body of work in human geography,anthropology, sociology and religious studies can be placed.

Contents: VOLUME ONE: CULTURES OF CLIMATE KNOWLEDGEThe Classification of Climates from Pythagoras to Koeppen - Marie SandersonThe Definition of the Standard WMO Climate Normal - Antony Arguez and RussellVoseLinguistic Dimensions of Weather and Climate Perception - Alan StewartMeteorological Knowledge and Environmental Ideas in Traditional and ModernSocieties: The Case of Tibet - Toni Huber and Poul PedersenGlaciers and Climate Change: Perspectives from Oral Tradition - Julie CruikshankThe Anxieties of a Science Diplomat: Field Coproduction of Climate Knowledge andthe Rise and Fall of Hans Ahlman's 'Polar Warming' - Sverker SörlinRepresenting the Global Atmosphere: Computer Models, Data and Knowledge aboutClimate Change - Paul EdwardsVerification, Validation and Confirmation of Numerical Models in the EarthSciences - Naomi Oreskes, Kristin Shrader-Frechette and Kenneth BelitzAnticipating Nature: The Productive Uncertainty of Climate Models - KirstenHastrupThe Global Warming of Climate Science: Climategate and the Construction ofScientific Facts - Marianne Ryghaug and Tomas SkjølsvoldAnatomy of Dissent: A Cultural Analysis of Climate Skepticism - Myanna LahsenSila Dialogues on Climate Change: Inuit Wisdom for a Cross-CulturalInterdisciplinarity - Timothy LeducIndigenous Climate Knowledge in Southern Uganda: The Multiple Components of aDynamic Regional System - Ben Orlove, Carla Roncoli, Merit Kabugo and AbushenMajiguCulture, Law, Risk and Governance: Contexts of Traditional Knowledge in ClimateChange Adaptation - Terry Williams and Preston Hardison'We Have Seen It with Our Own Eyes': Why We Disagree about Climate ChangeVisibility - Peter Rudiak-GouldVOLUME TWO: HISTORICAL READINGS OF CLIMATEChinese Attitudes towards Climate - Cho-yun HsuThe Meteorological Framework and the Cultural Memory of Three SevereWinter-Storms in Early Eighteenth Century Europe - Christian Pfister, EmmanuelGarnier, Maria-João Alcoforado, Dennis Wheeler, Jürg Luterbacher, Maria Nunesand João TabordaTime, Talk and the Weather in Eighteenth-Century Britain - Jan GolinskiClimates as Commodities: Jean Pierre Purry and the Modelling of the Best Climateon Earth - Vladimir JankovicInventing Caribbean Climates: How Science, Medicine, and Tourism ChangedTropical Weather from Deadly to Healthy - Mark CareySeeing Climate through Culture - Lawrence CulverPerceiving, Explaining and Observing Climatic Changes: An Historical Case Studyof the 'Year without Summer' 1816 - Tom Bodenmann, Stefan Brönnimann, GertrudeHadorn, Tobias Krüger and Helmut Weissert'The Languor of the Hot Weather': Everyday Perspectives on Weather and Climatein Colonial Bombay, 1819-1828 - George AdamsonDrought, Desiccation and Discourse: Missionary Correspondence andNineteenth-Century Climate Change in Central Southern Africa - Georgina Endfieldand David NashTropical Climate and Moral Hygiene: The Anatomy of a Victorian Debate -

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