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Gardner's Art through the Ages: A Global History, Volume I
Author/Editor:    Kleiner, Fred S.
Publisher:    Cengage Learning
Pubn Place:    US
Binding:    pbk.
Edition:    16th rev ed.
Physical Media:    book
Pages:    624
Availability:    Already Published.
Pubn Year:    Jan 2019
Readership:    Undergraduate, Research & professional
Price:    AUD 134.50 (ex. GST)
ISBN:   9781337696593
ISBN10:   1337696595
9781337696609  2018  Edition: 16th rev ed.
pbk.  book

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Description: Experience the wonders of human creativity in GARDNER'S ART THROUGH THE AGES: AGLOBAL HISTORY, VOLUME I, 16th Edition! A grand tour of the world's mostcelebrated works from the Stone Age to the modern era, this introductory texthas been a classroom favorite for 85 years. Every chapter includes rich andcompelling discussions of pivotal art works, periods and geographies in arthistory, as well as new artists and art forms. Of course, the bold illustrationson the pages look almost as good as the real thing, especially when you use theunique Scale feature to imagine a work's stature from the artist's point ofview. And to keep your course success in focus, the text offers Quick ReviewCaptions and Big Picture Overviews, as well as an optional ebook that enablesyou to zoom in on fine details of paintings, sculptures, and priceless art formsof all kinds.

Contents: Introduction: What is Art History? 1. Art in the Stone Age. 2. AncientMesopotamia and Persia. 3. Egypt from Narmer to Cleopatra. 4. The PrehistoricAegean. 5. Ancient Greece. 6. The Etruscans. 7. The Roman Empire. 8. LateAntiquity. 9. Byzantium. 10. The Islamic World. 11. Early Medieval Europe. 12.Romanesque Europe. 13. Gothic Europe North of the Alps. 14. Late Medieval Italy.15. South and Southeast Asia before 1200. 16. China and Korea to 1279. 17. Japanbefore 1333. 18. Native American Cultures before 1300. 19. Africa before 1800.

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