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Interpersonal Communication : Everyday Encounters
Author/Editor:    Wood, Julia T.
Publisher:    Cengage Learning Australia
Pubn Place:    Australia
Binding:    pbk.
Edition:    9th rev ed.
Physical Media:    book
Pages:    432
Availability:    Already Published.
Pubn Year:    Oct 2018
Readership:    Undergraduate, Research & professional
Price:    AUD 136.32 (ex. GST)
ISBN:   9780357032947
ISBN10:   0357032942
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Description: INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION: EVERYDAY ENCOUNTERS, 9th Edition, relates theoryand skills directly to students' everyday interactions as it delivers a solidintroduction to interpersonal communication. An emphasis on cultural diversityis thoroughly woven throughout the new 9th edition, empowering you with theskills you need to effectively communicate with people who may not share asimilar background. The new edition also features increased coverage of socialmedia, including a section in every chapter that discusses connections betweenchapter themes and social media. The MindTap Mobile App, fully integrated withthe text, lets you learn when and wherever you want. Read or listen to the textand study with the aid of instructor notifications, flashcards and practicequizzes.

Contents: Part I: THE FABRIC OF INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION. 1. A First Look atInterpersonal Communication. 2. Communication and Personal Identity. 3.Perception and Communication. 4. The World of Words. 5. The World Beyond Words.6. Mindful Listening. Part II: WEAVING COMMUNICATION INTO RELATIONSHIPS. 7.Emotions and Communication. 8. Communication Climate: The Foundation of PersonalRelationships. 9. Managing Conflict in Relationships. 10. Friendships in OurLives. 11. Committed Romantic Relationships. 12. Communication in Families.Epilogue: Continuing the Conversation. Glossary. References. Index.

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