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Your Australian, New Zealand, & Pacific Island partner in professional, corporate, educational & library resources

  • A leading provider of print books
  • Electronic resources including eBooks, eJournals & eDatabases
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Who are we?

Coinfo is one of Oceania's largest locally-based full service corporate and academic library suppliers, dedicated to providing books, journals, eBooks and eMedia products from publishers worldwide for the corporate, academic, professional and library markets in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ), Fiji and Papua New Guinea.

Coinfo was established in September 2013 following the acquisition of DA Information Services.

What can we offer?

  • Local support to all Corporate and Academic ANZ libraries
  • Full service library supply
  • eBook packages, online databases and eJournal packages from publishers such as Karger, OECD, World Bank and World Scientific Publishing
  • Single title eBook purchases through Ebook Central Library
  • Print book titles from publishers worldwide
  • Outsourced selection
  • Shelf-ready services
  • Standing orders


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