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Collection Development Services

about3 Pty Ltd offers a personalised service to build collection development profiles, in order to enhance the selection process for both approval and blanket plans. Unique subject profiles are tailored to client specifications for which our experienced Collection Development Team hand select from thousands of publishers worldwide for newly published and forthcoming material.

Approval Plans

about3 Pty Ltd can provide corporate   academic libraries with print monographs and/or eBooks on specific topics, according to specifications set by the library.

  • Delivery of approval lists via our specifically developed website to enable easy review, selection and ordering for Approval Plans.
  • We offer Core Publisher Lists which provide a guarantee that publishers essential to specific subject areas are always included in selection.

Profiling Methodology

Every profile has four logical components:

  • Titles in Series / print series and eBook collections
  • Core Publisher List
  • Non-Subject Parameters
  • Subject Parameters

Title lists for plans can be delivered monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly and are tailored to a library's format preference, for example: eBook or print preferred.

Holdings checks are performed against the library’s catalogue to ensure no duplication of titles.

Plan profiles are reviewed and refined periodically to ensure content is always relevant.


Some of our more popular academic and public library plans include the following areas:

  • Accounting
  • Architecture
  • Australian & Asian
  • Business
  • Education
  • Finance & economics
  • Fine arts & performing arts
  • Law
  • Medicine & health
  • Nursing & allied health
  • Religion & theology
  • Science & technology

Australiana plans

Being Australia's only locally-based supplier, Coinfo prides itself on providing the largest variety of Australian academic titles available to our customers.

Components can include:

  • Australian authors, content and contributors, even if located overseas, from an extensive range of publishers.
  • Specialised plans, such as literary award winners, are a special feature of this service.
  • Plans may be provided on an approval or blanket basis.
  • Suzanne Wood, our in-house Australiana specialist, has over 10 years' experience working with academic libraries in selecting Australian titles.
  • Processing takes place locally, where shelf-ready is required, ensuring quicker delivery to your library.

Formats incorporated within our plans include:


Titles are offered on EBL and Ebrary platforms as well as selected publisher platforms.


Print format preference is specified to ensure our titles match your collection i.e. hardcover or paperback preferred.


We also offer selections in audiovisual material or mixed media, if required.

Ordering Process

  • Approval plan titles selected by our Collection Development Team are made available for review and approval by library staff through our website
  • A Blanket Order plan means there is no requirement for the review/approval process
  • Coinfo provides a streamlined ordering process via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) whereby brief MARC records are supplied to generate an on-order record in the library catalogue
  • Items are able to be delivered shelf ready with cataloguing and end processing services offered in line with client specifications.

The use of Coinfo's online selection tools can also assist with collection development services:

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